Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Head on over to my updated website:

and see what Ruben Irons, Artist Blacksmith is up to on Facebook

and come visit me and a whole range of my new creations fresh out of the forge at 
the NSDCC Craft Show November 15th-17th, 2013 in Halifax.  The finest locally handmade show around!

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking for a locally handmade unique gift?!!

Ruben is hammering away at the forge in preparation for his upcoming Christmas shows.
You can find Ruben & his work at:

NSDCC Christmas Craft Show - Nov 20 - 22 @ the Cunard Event Centre, Pier 23
Fri 10 - 8pm
Sat 10-5pm
Sun 10-5pm

Dalplex Christmas Craft Show - Nov 27 - 29
Fri 12-9:30pm
Sat 9:30-6pm
Sun 10-5pm

Irons Forge Christmas Show & Sale: Dec 5-11
Opening Sat & Sun (5th & 6th) - warm treats, demonstrations and display of ironwork for sale
Shop will also be open mon-fri (7th-11th) from 10-5 for sales.

Irons Forge is also taking custom Christmas orders (we're taking larger custom work orders for the new year).

Stores carrying Irons Forge ironwork:
Water Street Studio, Pictou
Handsmiths, Halifax
Love, Me, Halifax

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Steel Life - an exhibition of sculptural work by Ruben Irons

Opening Night at Marigold Cultural Centre Art Gallery, Truro, NS
Show runs until April 30th, 2009

Ruben Irons’ STEEL LIFE exhibition is inspired by growth in nature and the process of forging. The pieces were created at the end of a long winter, as the land around him slowly came to life. It is this organic growth that Irons explores as his subject matter. Heating and hammering steel, he allows the material to guide him into creations of movement and fluidity. A piece is complete when it gives the feeling of continued growth.

Watch for Steel Life on Eastlink Television throughout the month of May (stay tuned for specific times.)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

visit Ruben Irons' complete website at

Ruben Irons is an artist blacksmith. In the 90s, Ruben trained and apprenticed under master smiths in California, New Hampshire and British Columbia. In 2000, he returned home to the east coast of Canada to become the blacksmith for the ship Hector in Pictou, Nova Scotia. As site smith, he spent seven seasons forging ironwork for the replica ship and demonstrating for the public. In 2007, Ruben launched his own business, forging a range of items from custom railings to fine art sculptures.  He is keeping the ancient craft of blacksmithing alive by using many of the traditional techniques and tools that were originally developed 3,500 years ago. He heats steel to around 2,200 F (1,200 C) in his coal forge and hammers it into new creations.  Ruben is passionate about creating quality hand-forged ironwork by blending traditional techniques with contemporary design. When you purchase a piece of Ruben's ironwork, you are placing value in handmade objects that celebrate human ability and creativity over mass produced industry.